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©1998 The Tank

Eastern Kentucky University


Track Listings

Big Ed - The Assassin

C-Murder - Life or Death

Dangerous Dame - Escape From The Mental Ward

Down South Hustlers - Bouncin & Swingin

E-A-Ski - Breaking Them Off Something

E-A-Ski - 1 Step Ahead Of Ya'll

Fiend - There's On In Every Family

I Got The Hook Up!

I'm Bout It

Kane & Abel - Am I My Brother's Keeper

Kane & Abel - The 7 Sins

Lil Ric - Deep N Tha Game

Mac - Shell Shocked

Magic - Sky's The Limit

Master P - MP Da Last Don

Master P - Ghetto D

Master P - Ice Cream Man

Master P - 99 Ways To Die

Master P - The Ghetto's Trying To Kill Me

Master P - Mama's Bad Boy

Master P - Get Away Clean

Mia X - Good Girl Gone Bad

Mia X - Unlady Like

Mystikal - Unpredictable

No Limit Soldiers - Limited Edition

Rally Ral - Somthing Kind of Funky

Silkk - Charge It 2 Da Game

Silkk - The Shocker

Skull Dugrey - Hoodlum Fo Life

Skull Duggery - These Wicked Streets

Snoop Dogg - Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told

Sons Of Funk - The Game Of Funk

Sonya C - Married To The Mob

Soulja Slim - Give It 2 Em Raw

Steady Mobb'n - Pre-Meditated Drama

Tre-8 - Ghetto Stories

TRU - Tru 2 Da Game

TRU - True

TRU - Understanding The Criminal Mind

West Coast Bad Boyz - Anotha Level of the Game

West Coast Bad Boyz 2

West Coast Bad Boyz - High Fo Xmas

Young Bleed - My Balls & My Word

©Copyrighted by Xaos for The Tank, 1998
All Rights Reserved