Snoop Dogg

Da Game Is To Be Sold,
Not To Be Told

1, Snoop World (ft. Master P)
2. Slow Down (ft. Mia X)
3. Woof! (ft. Mystikal, Fiend)
4. Gin & Juice II 
5. Show Me Love
6. Hustle & Ball
7. Don't Let Go
8. TRU Tank Dogs (ft. Mystikal)
9. Whatcha Gon Do? (ft. Master P)
10. Still A G Thang
11. 20 Dollars To My Name (ft. Fiend, Soulja Slim, Silkk)
12. D.O.G.'s Get Lonely 2 (ft. Master P, Silkk)
13. Ain't Nut'in Personal (ft. C-Murder, Silkk)
14. DP Gangsta (ft. C-Murder)
15. Game Of Life (ft. Steady Mobb'n)
16. See Ya When I Get There (ft. C-Murder, Mystikal)
17. Pay For Pussy (ft. Big Pimp'N)
18. Picture This
19. Dogg'z Gonna Get Ya (ft. Mac)
20. Hoes, Money, & Clout
21. Get Bout It & Rowdy (ft. Master P)