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Eastern Kentucky University


Master P
The life of Percy Miller and the beginning of No Limit Records

Master P, born Percy Miller in the heart of uptown New Orleans, Louisiana, grew up in the 3rd Ward Caliope projects. He is the oldest of 5 kids, 3 brothers and 1 sister. After his mother and father seperated, his mother moved to Richmond, California. Master P decided to stay in New Orleans and traveled frequently to California to spend time with his mom. His mother agreed it was important for him to stay in school in New Orleans and grow up with his father and family. Remaining in New Orleans, P and his brothers were raised by their paternal grandmother. Percy later then attended the University of Houston and made the school's basketball team as a walk on. After an injury shortened his career, P was given ten thousand dollars when his grandfather came into an inheritance. Striving to be an entrepreneur, Master P took his money and opened an independent record store in Richmond, California called No Limit Records. After gaining first-handed knowledge of the music industry as a retailer, P felt he had the business savvy to embark on his dream to become an entertainer as well as owning his own record company. No Limit Records, the retail store, became No Limit Records, the record company. Master P today has reitired as a solo artist but still remains parts of the groups TRU and Da 504 Boyz. He has expanded No Limit Records, into No Limit Films, No Limit Real Estate, No Limit Sports, No Limit Records Clothing (Soldier Gear), he owns a chain of fast food resteraunts and gas stations in Louisiana. He is currently building the largest recording fascility in the nation that will be located in Baton Rouge.

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