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1999 The Tank

Eastern Kentucky University



No Limit News

updated: 7/13/99

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Visit   They got some new shit coming next week so you might want to check back. Ya heard.
The Tank Is Bizzackkkk
Yeah we back. We were kinda on Hiatus but we back be prepared for mad updates.
Snoop Dogg No Limit All Stars: Who U Wit?
Check out Snoop Dogg's new song called Hoop Dreams (He Got Game) off the No Limit All Stars: Who U
Wit? compilation. Now this is a pretty unique funny song. Snoop has a dream he is a player for the Lakers and
mentions a bunch for NBA players and teams throughout the song. The song is silly but I bet he had a fun time
writing the lyrics to it as well. Thanx to Lil' Hawk for this hookup! Props To Snoops Dogg House, They been on top of all the news concerning Snoops Latest Release on No Limit. Peep his page for all info on Top Dogg.
Master P No Longer in the movie
We earlier reported that Master P would be featured in the new Oliver Stone film, which is now entitled The League. We reported that Percy Miller had taken the role that was meant for Sean "Puffy" Combs. MTV has reported otherwise. They now report that Jamie Foxx will now take the role that was intended for Puff Daddy.
No Limit Records Various News
Look for the new video on BET from Sillk The Shocker. The video, Express Yourself, is a remake of the great classic from the originators of gangster rap, N.W.A.. This song will be featured on the N.W.A. tribute album. Supposedly Skull Duggery will be starting his own label under Penalty Records. It will be called Hoodlum Records. The release date for Silkk - Made Man has been set for January 10. No Limit will be kicking off it's first ever European Tour on November 9th. No word yet as when they will start a nationwide tour here in the U.S..

Updates: 7/13/99

Page Updated. More Updates coming.

New Snoop Song, Along with new NO Limit Compilation.

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Tru - June 1, 1999
Mercedes - Rear End June 29, 1999
Fiend July 6, 1999



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